Prosperity Economic™ Strategies for 2012-2013

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Happy Holidays! Our favorite recommendation right now is to play the gratitude game: think about or even better, write down all the things/events/people etc. that you can be greatful for.

As our team read through the various examples of “financial checklists” that appear at this time of year, we were discouraged to see the same strategies being promoted over and over. We shouldn’t be surprised since it is the financial institutions doing the promoting, but if you want different results, you simply must take different action.

You’ll remember Prosperity Economics™ is totally opposite of the typical financial planning so common in the market place. We use our 7 Principles of Prosperity™ to help you make decisions because they have stood the test of time. The same is true with the products you own and the strategies you employ; they work for you and they work for us and our families too, yet they are often opposite of what most people are doing.

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P.S. There are many articles/books/seminars/blogs, etc. floating around these days with some scary predictions. Please read them selectively, if at all. We want your money protected and will make some suggestions on how to do that. You will want to protect your thinking. Focus only on what you can control and let the rest go by.

Fear of the future can paralyze creative problem solving and your good thinking is your best asset. Do what you need to, spiritually or inspirationally, to keep your thinking “in shape” and help others do the same.

P.P.S. If you'd like a more thorough primer on these ideas, check out Kim's second book at It's written for you, our clients, as well as other financial advisors.

Prosperity Economic™ Checklist
Renew, Rethink, Refresh and yes, Reduce

     Rethink your future by reading Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler. This one will probably have a larger inpact on your peace of mind than anything else you do.

     Reduce your expenses by checking out our Prosperity Life Center at CODE 1322. It can shop your car, home and liability umbrella insurances automatically every 6 months. Health insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Disability Insurance as well as prescription discount cards and prepaid imaging and lab programs are also available. See further down for a complete list of benefits.

     Reduce credit card debt. If you have been carrying balances of over $15,000 for more than 2 years, consider our new process at It can get you out of debt in 2-3 years while only affecting your credit temporarily. We’ve been providing this service via our partnership with Greg O’Connell who has many years of experience with creditor workouts and the results have been great. He can also reduce student loan payments and help raise credit scores.

     Rethink your taxes by starting a new business. There are numerous ways to add a business if both you and your spouse don’t already own one. We are involved in 3 different network marketing companies and can treat most expenses as legitimate business deductions. Additionally, let us refer you to our CPA if your current business isn’t taking advantage of C corporations.

     Refresh your life insurance loans by mailing in extra principle payments which directly increase the cash available to you to either borrow against or withdraw if needed.

     Renew your commitment to increase savings by storing more cash inside your whole life policies. Life insurance companies have stood the test of time (over 150 years) and paid dividends through both world wars and the great depression. Dividends have risen in the past when interest rates have risen so this should help you stay ahead of inflation. The internal rate of return on most policies is still around 4% without tax even in this “interesting” economy and you’ll find life insurance companies are safer than banks according to the rating agencies. Please re-read Kim’s 50 page book to increase your knowledge of PUA’s (paid up additions – the place to store extra cash) and note there is a video there now that summarizes the main points if you prefer that kind of refresher.

     Refresh your liquid cash fund by converting portions of your term life insurance to whole life as you are able. You’ll remember the CLUE acronym from Kim’s LYLI book. Control Liquidity Use & Equity comprise the description of the cash value account inside your whole life insurance.

     Refresh incoming cash flow either by considering some Bridge Loans (real estate based private lending) or a peer to peer private invest/lend environment which are available on the web. One some of our clients use can be found at this link:

     Rethink your primary home mortgage and home equity credit line. Do not ever pre-pay either of them. Refinancing to lower fixed rates for 30 years is a good strategy. We can refer you to mortgage brokers, and even loan modification specialists and short sale experts who work nationwide if you need this type of help.

     Reduce exposure to the stock market in regular accounts and retirement accounts. We feel there will be either a volatile or flat stock market for the next 10 years or so and don’t want to see you lose value. Consider selling at least part of your stock, mutual fund and bond positions if you want the ride the fence awhile longer.

     Reduce amounts tied up in government sponsored programs. The rules around 403b’s, IRA’s, 401k’s (and 529’s for kids’ education) could all be changed if the government needs money. If you are over 59 ½, start taking money out of retirement accounts now. If you are under 59 ½, don’t add any more other than what you are being matched on. Go ahead and use the 529 money now if you can and if you can’t, ask your provider for a “cash” or “fixed account” option.

     Refresh your IRA rollovers with alternative investments. We’ve been working with these long enough now to see results and it’s nice to offer a non-correlated (completely disconnected from stock market, oil prices, government issues) investment that can earn double digits annually and protect your principle. Contact us if you want more detail about these options.

     Renew your commitment to store pictures of valuables on the web. The site has an online lock box in the Security Portal as well as Identity Theft Protection and a Roadside Assistance Plan.

     Rethink the use of your credit score by first getting an updated credit report inside the Prosperity Life Center. Make sure everything on it is correct. There is Credit Repair available there too if you should need or want it. Feel free to share the site and the special code of 1322 with family and friends.

Benefits inside   code 1322

     These are all either free or discounted heavily from the public web based price structure. Please know this is a private site we purchased for you to get benefits and have a place to store information and documents on the web. It will not bombard you with unnecessary e-mail, only follow up if you’ve asked for help.

  Online Tools

  Long Term Care

  Sprint Phone
  Appliance Protection
  Pet Savings Card
  Online Store
  24/7 Doctor
  Dental Care
  Vision Care
  Health Connection
  Pharmacy Card
  Emergency Card
  Prepaid Imaging
  Prepaid Lab

  Roadside Assistance
  Online Lockbox
  Identity Protection
  Legal Assistance
  Tax Assistance
  Credit Report
  Credit Repair

  Saved E-Links
  Personal Journal
  Life Goals

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